Hoi An was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999 and since then has made its mark as the culinary destination of Vietnam.

The town is often cited in international readers polls, magazines, and travel pages as one of 10 best places to eat in the world. Hoi An’s traditional foods rank 6th on TripAdvisor and, according to Lonely Planet, Hoi An’s market is known as the “food capital of Vietnam” amongst both domestic and foreign tourists.

In 2016 & 2017, Hoi An was proud to host an International Food Festival. At the opening ceremony of HAIFF on 14th March 2017, Mr Thomas Gugler, president of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), officially awarded a certificate of honour to recognize Hoi An as the Food Capital of Vietnam.

Following the success of first two years’ events, the third Hoi An International Food Festival – “Taste the World”, will take place from 13-17th March 2018, organized by Hoi An Culinary Events and Hoi An People’s Committee.

The list of 12 participating chefs includes many influential and renowned celebrity chefs from around the globe.


Hoi An Food Festival

Thomas A. Gugler


For me as Worldchefs President and certified master chef it is a great pleasure and nourisment to be part of the Hoi An Food Festival as Chief of the Chefs.
Hoi An had proven in the past years that with such dedication and enthusiasym to establsih such a amazing food festival and as attraction and one of the highlights the partitipation of 12 international celebrity chefs from all around the globe.
Fantastic food, culinary highlights, delicassies and stunning cuisinne is guaranteed and the framework with amazing booths and stands will do the shining aperance and the glance to the entire event.
The gastronomy in Vietnam is stunning and the food tastes amazing, a special culture and amazing people.
Mrs Vy and Mr. Happy did and doing an amazing job and promoting Vietnam Cuisinne and gastronomy at its best. 
Let’s rock and cook up Hoi An City
and make the 2018 edition a shining star in the gastronomical field.
Best culinary regards!


This year we will once more celebrate the Hoi An International Festival in my home town, Hoi An.
Inspired by the success of the first two years, the team have come up with some great events for our third festival.
Our goal is to offer visitors to Hoi An one of the very best of culinary experiences they can possibly enjoy in Vietnam.
Many of you will have enjoyed the amazing activities of the previous years’ events, and we aim to make this event even bigger and better than the last.
I am delighted to welcome you all to this great event in Hoi An – The Food Capital of Vietnam.


Founder & CEO

For the third time, Hoi An will host the International Food Festival.

If you have not been before, I am delighted to introduce this magical week to you, and if you have, then its great to have you back!

This year we have invited chefs from over 17 countries which means visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy even more wonderful food from around the world as our chefs recreate some of their nations’ famous traditional dishes.

Most importantly these renowned chefs will be using locally sourced ingredients from Hoi An to make their wonderful creations.

This really must be on your ‘to do’ list if you’re visiting Hoi An and have an interest in food, gastronomy and culture.


With 12 International chefs representing 12 countries and 12 themed restaurants, The Hoi An International Food Festival will be the first of its kind food festival in Vietnam, celebrating global food and the finest locally sourced ingredients

On the first day the chefs and participating restaurants will be welcomed at Vy’s market. The chefs will then be introduced to Hoi An central market where they will select the ingredients in preparation for preparing their signature dishes.

18:30 to 22:00

On the second day, the Chairman’s cocktail will host a cocktail evening for the visiting chefs, sponsors, senior executives of the larger resorts in the region, and members of the press/media*.
The chefs will prepare their signature dishes for sampling.
Limited tickets will be made available to the public for this Chairman’s cocktail event. Contact us for details.

Five days of events open to the public. Every evening, Hoi An Sculpture Garden will be home to 12 stalls, decorated and themed to the 12 countries of the participating chefs. The chefs will prepare traditional dishes from their respective countries

17:30 to 22:00

The event opens to the public with an Opening Ceremony at An Hoi Sculpture Garden where guest chefs will be introduced to the culture of Hoi An. Participating restaurants will each occupy one stall and the respective guest chefs will create one hot dish. Ticket coupons will be available to purchase dishes at any of the stalls (60.000 vnd each).

16:00 to 22:00

Daily event open at the An Hoi Sculpture Garden. Special “The Big Cook” event to be held.

16:00 to 22:00

Daily event open at the An Hoi Sculpture Garden. Special “The Big Cook” event to be held.

16:00 to 22:00

Daily event open at the An Hoi Sculpture Garden. Special “The Big Cook” event to be held

17:00 to 22:00

The final day will consist the Closing Ceremony, with an awards ceremony for chefs and participating restaurants presented by the Hoi An People’s Committee. This will be followed by the closing dance party at the sculpture garden, lights and music.


12 renowned international chefs bringing their food and culture to Hoi An.

Thomas Haller
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Thomas Heller has the repertoire of being the General Manager for the Swiss Hotel as well as an Executive Chef with 35 years of extensive international experience in General and Food & Beverage management of leading hospitality organizations. He also has extended sales and marketing experience in B to B business models with leading international food companies.
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David Sosson
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David Sosson worked for several restaurants and hotels within the region, including 'Patrick Jeffroy – a restaurant awarded the acclaimed 2 Michelin stars - from 2001 to 2005. He is appointed as executive chef in Carcosa Seri Negara boutique hotel and awarded 2004 best personality chef from Hospitality Asia. Mr Sosson then went on to open “THE VICEROY BALI” in 2005.
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Coetzee Gerhardus Petrus
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Mr Petrus is no stranger to the culinary scene and has garnered 17 years’ experience from starting out as a commis chef with Peermont Global to opening of hotels, restaurants and actively involved in media fine dining events. He has been on the line, cooking with the South African Chefs Association and Unilever Food Solutions as well as filling the spot as head chef in the Johannesburg area and to further his career and become Executive chef of Bonamanzi.
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Isamu Iwasaki
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Mr Iwasaki is a member of the CIC, All Japan Chefs Association and the Ambassador of Chef2Chef. He graduated at Hattori Nutrition and partook in a Hotel Course at Cornel University-USA to then gain hands-on experience at California Culinary Institute(CCI)-USA. Earlier in his career he was a Commis de Cuisine of Hotel New Otani Tokyo and then later an Executive Chef, at Hotel New Otani Fukuoka in Kyushu Japan, COSMO EC Ltd.Executive Chef, and APA,Honorary Executive Chef at APA Hotel Group
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Liu Boping
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Considered a pursuer of craftsmanship, culinary art & professional ethics. Liu has more than 200 apprentices, 100 are China Master Chefs and 50 as China Famous Chefs. Liu is regarded as an outstanding culinary innovator having developed over 160 Chongqing-style dishes and created more than 250 jobs. Not only that but he provides boarding for his employees, carries out incentive system of “more pay for more work”.
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Carlos Duran Herrera
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Mr Herrera is considered a specialist in "Cooking Competitions" and has had the accomplishment of winning Six Spanish Cooking Championships, European Cooking Contest Winner and Bronze Medal at Olympic World cup. He is a Professor in different schools, a hospitality entrepreneur and Author of several books.
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Wynand Vogel
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Mr Vogel has a long list on his repertoire to include being the director of consultancy at "Wynand Culinair", Executive Chef of the Queen of Holland, manager/chef/owner of Sancerre restaurant, est Les Quatres Canetons, NMCP World-wide. He also has the experience of being a culinary adviser at Gertjan v.d.Loo Party catering. As well as all this, an examinator at O.C,H. – Zoetermeer and associated with the Chef de mission National team & National youth team, Confrère de la Chain de Rôtisseurs, Chevalier Ordres de Coteaux de Champagne.
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Sam Timoko
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As a young trainee Chef having worked in top Restaurants around the world Sam has come full circle and is focusing on his roots and his ethnic cuisine of Polynesia. Sam’s playground spans across the pacific from Aotearoa, Cook Islands, Samoa and Hawaii. He discovers a food culture almost lost through colonization over the last 200 years. Polynesian food is almost unheard of to the wider world.
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Emrah Köksal Sezgin
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The only chef to have two consecutive Olympic gold medals in Turkey. Dr Sezgin has been the director of Turkish National Culinary Team since 2013.He has participated in international and national competitions as jury. He has been working as a specialist consultant and instructor in special education institutions and commercial enterprises on cookery. He is still working at Adnan Menderes University
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Sy Wan-chung (Bill Sy)
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Mr Wan-Chung or Bill Sy as known to some, served as the Culinary Director of Culinary Arts and Management at the Art Institute for the last twenty years as well as being inducted to the Hall of Fame of American Academy Chefs Honour Society of American Culinary Federation in 2015. He was awarded the Educator of the Year and Life Time Achievement. He is also dedicated as the approved Judge of WACS judging international competitions.
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Mauricio Armendariz Carrasco
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Mr Carrasco was the founder of the Association of Chefs of Ecuador 15 years ago and he is in-charge of several publications with national and international awards. He is currently the Continental Director of the Organization of Gastronomic Associations of the Americas and the Caribbean and director of the Culinary Tourist Destinations Project, a member of the Regional Center's Research Center (CEINCOR).
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Domenico Maggi
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Mr Maggi served as the ambassador for Mediterranean Diet, Apulian and Italian cuisine in the world to include Flavors of the World, C.I.A. Nappa valley; Shaghai; Beijing; Boston; New York; Washington D.C.; Melbourne; Honk Kong; Anuga Cologne; Sial Paris; Russia and Europe. He was also the Captain of the Italian Culinary Team at World Cup Luxembourg 1998, Ika Culinary Olympics Berlin 2000 and Hotelympia London 2000. Be participated as team manager for Italy and advisor for Europe South Culinary Competition Committee.
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WACS Presidents Big Dish Team

Thomas Gugler
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Legat Iztok Črtomir 
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Gert Heinz Uwe Klotzke 
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Dimuthu Kumarasinghe
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Uwe Micheel
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For further details regarding sponsorship packages, the event programme or other information, please send a message using the form opposite.

106 Nguyen Thai Hoc St.
Minh An
Hoi An
Quang Nam
Viet Nam

PHONE: +84 91 4467879

Email: contact@hoianinternationalfoodfestival.com





    TRINH DIEM VYChairperson
    Trinh Diem Vy is one of Vietnam’s most recognised restaurateurs and chefs. Born and raised in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Hoi An, Ms Vy is a third generation cook whose family recipes have garnered recognition throughout the country. Truly impassioned by food, Ms Vy has also played an important role in keeping traditional recipes alive. Her Hoi An restaurants, Mermaid, Cargo Club, Morning Glory, The Market Restaurant and Cooking School, and Vy’s Kitchen & Deli, are famous both in Vietnam and abroad.

    In 2011 she published her first cookbook – Taste Vietnam – which has sold over 20,000 copies. In 2015, she opened her first overseas restaurant – House of Hoi An, in Melbourne, Australia. www.tastevietnam.asia

    Sri Lankan born Keerthi Hapugasdeniya (better known as happyK) graduated and started his career in Colombo before moving to Switzerland and then Australia. A word class, award winning Chef, happyK is the managing director of happyK solutions and is one of the leading service providers to the Airline and hospitality industry. He is also a TV personality with a cooking show in Australia and conducts many culinary events in the region.

    happyK has represented Australia at the Culinary World Cup and the Culinary Olympics (winning prestigious awards including individual gold medals). He masterminded the Guinness World Record for the “World’s Longest Spring Roll” in Da Nang City in 2014, and organised the “World’s Largest Tea Party” in Sri Lanka in 2015. happK has over 3 decades of experience in the culinary field and is a food writer and founder of several culinary/hospitality and Airline related organisations. www.happyK.com.au

    CHEF THOMAS GUGLER Chief of Chefs
    Thomas is president of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS). As well as being a member of numerous other professinal culinary bodies globally, Thomas has achieved world reknown, winning over 178 international awards, medals and token appreciations, appearing in numerous TV shows, writing many cook books, and hosting many culinary master classes around the world. He has Lived in 13 Countries and speaks 9 languages fluently.

    His aim is to further the skills of young talented chefs globally and to boost the industry towards professionalism in terms of quality aspects. Thomas loves to cook, is passionate about food & beverage, and traveling to experience other cultures and cuisines.

    For a more complete list of achievements read more.